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Alonso an Asian tiger has just celebrated his 20th birthday in the Benidorm Zoo, Terra Natura.    

Asian tigers normally have a life span of 12-15 years in the wild although there have been cases in captivity where these tigers have lived to 25 years.

Alonso has resided in the park since 2015 and has overcome many difficulties during his life.  He was the first tiger to be successfully operated on to remove a tumour located on the inside of his right eyelid in 2016.  It took 10 members of staff including veterinary surgeons and keepers to move him to the operating theatre.  

Alonso joins the list of animals living to a ripe old age in Terra Natura.   Currently, there is Petita, an Asian elephant who will be 50 years old next August, Momo another elephant who will celebrate her 40th birthday, and the Capuchin Monkey Mari who is now 38 years old. 

To celebrate his birthday staff hid gift-wrapped parcels of meat to stimulate his curiosity and sense of smell. 

Happy Birthday, Alonso!


Nisha, a 21-year-old female rhinoceros from the animal park Terra Natura Benidorm:  is looking for love!

The park is looking for a genetically compatible mate from another European Zoo for Nisha and this species, in danger of extinction.   This is part of the European Programme for Endangered species EEP and the Association of European Zoos and Aquariums EAZA.

Terra Natura is an expert in the assisted reproduction of the Indian Rhino and has successfully bred two rhinoceros’ calves in the past, the first time in 2012 and then again in 2019. 

The Indian Rhino is currently on the Red List of the UICN and it is estimated that in the wild there are only 3,000 examples.

The EEP European programs control the species in zoos and aquariums and permit the compilation of information for each species that takes part in the program.  With this information, they can construct a genetic book for each species and then compile a demographic and genetic profile.  Thanks to these programs, they share genetic information that will guarantee the survival of these critically endangered species.