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Even Donkeys have to look after their pearlies!!

Nube, one of the donkeys at the Terra Natura Zoo in Benidorm has had a visit from the Dentist!  DONKEYS DENTIST

Veterinary Orthodontic specialist Sergio Soler, visited Terra Natura Benidorm to examine 20 year old Nube  after staff at the animal park noticed that she had difficulty chewing.   Ruminants can have dental problems, especially as they get older so alerted by this problem Terra Natura staff consulted the orthodontic specialist for cattle who carried out an exhaustive examination.

The examination concluded that one of Nube’s molars was fractured and the specialist decided to partially remove the tooth causing the problems. (Click here to see a small video of the examination).

This is the first time that Terra Natura Benidorm has had to consult a cattle dentist for one of their donkeys.  Staff will now have to rinse Nube’s mouth with antiseptic mouthwashes twice a day and administer antibiotics and pain killers. 

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